Are you ready to die today?

When I heard this question on Instagram from one of my podcast guests it really opened my eyes wide. If you would have asked me five, heck, even 2 years ago… I would feel so uncomfortable and heavy by thinking what is the “right” answer. What happens is that so often we live like we…

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How to feel ALIVE

Now that you have all the time and money you always wanted…. What are you doing with it? I was sitting with my grandma in the morning in her living room. She was watching the news with sound on as I was writing my captions for my Instagram. My fingers were dancing on the keyboard…

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How to go from Surviving to Thriving

Girl, when was the last time you checked IN with yourself? When was the last time you took a moment and ask yourself: How are you? When I look back at my life, it brings tears in my eyes. The years of torturing my body to look a certain way to be validated. The years…

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How to get out of anxiety right now

As I was getting just another rep at the gym, I caught myself not even knowing what number I’m at. I notice my head is heavy and I’m so far far in the future. Planning my day ahead, what will I strategize with the new client on the coaching call? How will I get ready…

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How I created life I’m excited to wake up to

I used to over train, over think, and over eat. I felt un-loved, un-worthy, and was asking the wrong questions in life. Then few years ago I discovered path to personal development. Once I learned to love myself everything else started to fall into place. I started to eat healthier because I wanted to have…

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5 Steps How to Live Happier and Healthier

Do you ever feel like there is just so much to do in life when you are trying to step up to the next level? When you are trying to eat better, to have more energy, to keep growing your mind and body? Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed and that’s why I want to share…

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